Hello! My name is Miriam Reyna and I am the guidance counselor at Winkley Elementary. It is a pleasure getting to know children and parents in the Leander ISD community. I am delighted in helping meet the needs of all students and to provide guidance and counseling services for all students. I invite every parent to become actively involved in his or her child’s learning.

I will be providing a comprehensive guidance program to all students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. The purpose of the program is to provide all students equal access to a comprehensive program, which addresses their needs. Some monthly topics include: decision-making, problem-solving, responsible behavior, communication skills, cross-cultural effectivenees, motivation to achieve, interpersonal effectiveness, and self-esteem. I am also available to help students who are facing particular difficulties that affect their school performance. I can listen and talk to your child during this time of difficulty. Counseling techniques that I will use are group focus sessions and classroom presentations. At no time will I engage in therapy or use techniques in nature which are not appropriate in the public school setting.

I am also the Section 504 coordinator,PALS/Mentor coordinator, and STAAR coordinator. Please contact me if you need assistance with any of these programs.

It is important to remember that when school personnel and parents work together, it is a winning combination for children. If I can be of any help to your child, please contact me at 570-6700.

Your counselor friend,

Miriam Reyna
Guidance Counselor
Leander ISD